“…the professionalism and polite manner that all of the staff members give at all (3) locations.” It’s one of the many reasons he is participating in Rehab Resolutions, Inc. physical therapy. Kevin said, “By far, the best physical therapy office I’ve attended…owner, Sofia is very professional and Danielle is the best therapist I’ve ever had! Hands down!”

— Kevin S. 8/27/18

When I first came to PT, I had hardly any range of motion and little strength in my arm. Just a few months later, I have back what many said I’ll never have again.

— John S.

When I started therapy I used to wake up with my arms numb and tingling. I no longer wake up with numbness or tingling. I can also throw a softball much better than I could before therapy.

—Jose V.

I injured my knee and was sent to physical therapy at another location. After spending almost 2 months at therapy, I wasn’t getting anywhere. So, I did some research and came across Rehab Resolutions, which offered A.R.T. After my first visit with Sofia, I immediately started to feel better. Not only is Sofia amazing, her entire staff are very knowledgeable and actually listen to what you say. I would highly recommend Rehab Resolutions for physical therapy.

—Shaun F.

I have more range in my right ankle;
A.R.T. helps improve strength as well as range;
Rehab Resolutions has helped me get to where I was physically, before my injury;
I was given many exercises for home that improved my overall results;
Positive atmosphere helped motivate me while I was there.

—Brian A.

After my amazing experience at Rehab Resolutions, my shoulder is now healthier than it ever has been before. I now have an improved range of motion, better strength, and my injury has been completely healed. Before my therapy it was hard to swim more than a few hundred yards, but now I can complete practices of 10,000+ yards easier than ever. Thank you so much to everyone at RR for all their help.

—Alex D.

Was my first PT visit. Had my doubts. But Dr. Drennan was insistent. I suffered from SI dysfunction for over a year. When it originally happened I only sought chiropractic, which did help a lot. But, I wish I incorporated PT as well. I now realize my healing would have been quicker. Luckily, my problem is mostly (99%) muscular. Through ultrasound, pin and stretch, myofascial work and strengthening I have been able to stabilize and grow stronger. Thank you for educating me and working out the kinks!

—Lisa S.