Our Team

Sofia Zanzarella, MSPT, ART, CEO

Sofia Zanzarella, MSPT, ART, CEO Sofia_2018.jpg

Sofia Zanzarella, Chief Operations Officer, Physical Therapist,

Andrews University, 1996, Master of Science in Physical Therapy

Founded Rehab Resolutions, Inc. 2004

Sofia is both visionary owner and master practitioner at Rehab Resolutions, Inc. The high-quality care our patients have come to expect is born of a unique model championed and actualized through Sofia. Originally from Canada, Sofia first became aware of the power of physical therapy while in high school during a job shadow opportunity. Not only did patients feel better, but the life of a physical therapist intrigued her. Active involvement with problem solving, ongoing learning: A perfect fit. At University, curiosity earned her the attention of the faculty and proficient hands-on skill the attention of her mentor. Wanting more for her patients, Sofia sought training in Active Release Techniques®, a patented technique which revolutionized patient care because of its successful and speedy impact on soft tissue injuries. Sofia founded Rehab Resolutions, Inc. in 2004 with the express purpose of providing expert care and a unique physical therapy experience, targeting not only the immediate condition or injury but the patient’s overall well-being.  Sofia’s abiding care for her patients translates into her hiring practices. To be a therapist at Rehab Resolutions, Inc. requires commitment to creating and maintaining high-quality, intensive, and individualized care. If you are someone with a chronic condition, a neurological disorder, a sports injury, or needing-post operative care, Rehab is for you. Hands on therapy at Rehab means getting better faster, helping the body heal and get it working to the fullest. Individual patients with individual stories leave rehab with the same story – they are back to the lives they love. Sofia’s passions in addition to physical therapy include equestrian pursuits and outdoor activities with her family.

Christianna Keough, DPT

Christianna Keough, DPT christianna_keough.jpg

Christianna has been a part of our team since 2009. She has been successful in treating orthopedic conditions for the last 12 years of her career. The years prior, her background was in acute care, which helps her understand the continuum of care through the rehabilitation process.

As a Springfield College Alum, she embodies the Humanics philosophy of the balanced individual and educating the whole person. She finds this connection between spirit, mind and body truly important and applies this through her personal and clinical situations.

After five years working in the clinical setting, Christianna decided to pursue her learning further and completed her Doctorate from The Sage Colleges in 2009. She has a love for the Mulligan Concept and in 2015, earned the title of Certified Mulligan Practitioner (CMP). Next, she hopes to achieve becoming a Certified Kinesio Taping Specialist (CKTP) as she has recently completed the three necessary courses.

She finds her happy place through a yoga/pilates hybrid class weekly to practice what she preaches to her patients. It’s all about balance!

Dawn Brown, PTA

Dawn Brown, PTA dawn_brown.jpg

Born in Portland, Maine, Dawn spent most summers and school vacations skiing, and enjoying family in Bethel, Maine. Dawn currently lives in East Longmeadow, MA, where she has resided for most of her life. In 1986, her family started JB’s Ice Cream Factory, where she worked, managed, and manufactured homemade ice cream for 27 years.

In 1998, Dawn graduated from Springfield Technical Community College and received an Associates of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant degree, and soon after became a licensed PTA. She began working in outpatient facilities with a focus on worker’s comp, MVA, and slip and fall injuries.

Later Dawn worked in a Nursing Home setting, continually expanding her PTA experience. Sadly, Dawn was injured at work, which afforded her the unique perspective to feel exactly how many of her patients felt after being injured. This injury led Dawn to physical therapy and Sofia Zanzarella, PT, who assisted with her recovery.

Soon after in 2005, Dawn ran into Sofia at a Falcon’s game, where she was promoting her new business, and within a month started working at Rehab Resolutions, Inc. The manual skills, and ART techniques she was using were amazing, with patient results immediately. After working in the field for 7 years, she knew at that point she was working with the best Physical Therapist in the area.

Now almost 12 years later, Dawn has been an instrumental role in educating and instructing patients in appropriate body mechanics, and postural corrections to relieve pain and emphasize quality of life at Rehab Resolutions, Inc. Dawn is also a Wellness Advocate, and is certified in Aroma Touch Treatments using DoTerra Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Amy Tredo, MPT

Amy Tredo, MPT FullSizeR_3.jpg

Amy Tredo graduated from American International College in 2001 with honors. Received her Masters' in Physical Therapy. She has concentrated in outpatient orthopedic physical therapy specializing in various "hands-on" manual therapies to get to the "core" of her patients' problems. Also has experience in working in skilled nursing facilities and home health care. She has taken special interest in and advanced courses in Vestibular Therapy and Kinesiotaping. She has since also taken many courses to effectively treat neck pain, low back pain, SIJ pain, TMJ disorders, and vertigo/balance disorders.

Danielle Boyd, PTA

Danielle Boyd, PTA Danielle_Boyd_RR_Website_Photo.jpg

Rehab Resolutions, Inc. July 2017

Associate in Science in Physical Therapy Assistant

Springfield Technical Community College, 2014 

Danielle’s zest for helping people heal animates every interaction with clients and with the world around her. She says, "Physical therapy combines my two passions: science and people." So passionate is Danielle about education in physical therapy, she was awarded the Lucille B. Hood Scholarship at STCC for her academic achievement. It’s no surprise Danielle joined the therapeutic staff at Rehab. As a young child she watched as hands-on touch brought relief to an ailing family member. Since then, she knew healing with her hands would be her life’s work. With her sensitivity to the specific needs of maturing bodies, Danielle has worked also successfully at skilled nursing facilities. At Rehab she finds that “hands-on” is not just a phrase, but is a valued professional practice applied to all people. Always eager to continue her education about her patients and physical therapy, she seeks professional development in the areas of deep tissue manipulation and trigger point release techniques. Physical therapy, for her, is to the human body like a mechanic is to a car. The body needs a tune-up. She puts PT to use in her life and gets regular tune-ups too. When not working with patients, she enjoys travel and fragrance collection.

Irina Zuev, PTA

Irina Zuev, PTA Irina_2018.jpg

Rehab Resolutions, Inc. January, 2018

Associate in Science in Physical Therapy Assistant

Springfield Technical Community College, 2015


Irina knew she wanted to work in health care, but was not sure what that would mean for her life. A knee injury in high school gave her unexpected direction. This injury, combined with Irina’s strong motivation to help others, drove her to research physical therapy as a possible career option.  Irina’s professional expertise and proficiency in how the body works is matched by a commitment to patient care, especially to patients in pain. Irina quite literally hears patients where they live, both in their healing journey and in their multiple languages. Irina speaks Russian and Ukraine fluently, bringing comfort and clarity to patients who come to Rehab with questions about their care. Some of her most memorable hands-on treatment successes include relieving pain of the soft tissue and joint injuries, and pain with TMJ patients. Witnessing their recovery and ability to walk again, she says, is the greatest possible reward. Being with patients and creating a relationship with them from the start to finish of treatment is what makes Rehab special to her. A quiet and intense dedication to excellence and attention to detail pairs with Irina’s sense of joy with life. Her own relaxation and self-care involve hiking, volleyball, being at the beach, and spending time with her family.


SOPHIE NEUHAUS, D.P.T. Sophie_Neuhaus_RR_Website_Photo.jpg

Rehab Resolutions, Inc. August, 2018

Doctorate in Physical Therapy

American International College, May 2018


Sophie has been a part of our Rehab Resolutions, Inc. team since 2018.

She has been successful in treating balance and neurological disorders, as well as, orthopedic conditions since graduating from American International College in May 2018.

Prior to becoming a part of the Rehab Resolutions, Inc. team, Sophie’s background was working with the Veterans healthcare system and subacute rehabilitation centers. 

As an American International College Alum, she practices a holistic approach to physical therapy and strives to maintain a healthy mind and body for herself and the patients with whom she treats.

She will be the PT responsible for coordinating the Alter-G anti-gravity treadmill system as well as leading our free weekly Rehab Wellness seminars.  Sophie hopes to elevate her patients to defy their limitations and reach their full potential. 

After recently graduating, Sophie has decided to pursue a certification in concussion management and further education to include but not limited to areas related to neurological, balance, and vestibular disorders.

In her free time Sophie enjoys hiking, cooking, traveling, staying active, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets.

Regina Moroso, PT, DPT

Regina Moroso, PT, DPT Regina_Moroso_RR_Website_Photo.jpg

Rehab Resolutions, Inc. December 2017

Doctorate in Physical Therapy

American International College, May 2018


Regina has been a part of our team since December 2017, starting as a rehab tech.

She has been successful in treating orthopedic conditions since graduating with her Doctorate from American International College in May 2018.

Prior to becoming a part of the Rehab Resolutions, Inc. team, Regina’s participated in clinical rotations in a school system and at a skilled nursing facility. This prior experience allows her to better understand the importance of the rehabilitation process from pediatrics to geriatrics.

Regina plans to pursue continuing education pertaining to pediatrics, as she has always had a passion for working with children.

She finds her happy place through visits to her family’s lake house in Vermont, because everyone needs a mini get-away once in a while!